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A company is only as good as those who work there, and we only work with the best. Each of our real estate professionals brings an expertise to the table which adds to our strength as a business. We have experts in client management, property management, client-tenant relationship building, multi-family investment properties, property rehab/redevelopment, historic properties, owner-occupancy, and residential properties. No matter your real estate needs, we are equipped to handle it.

Not only is each member of our team highly skilled, they’re also the hardest working group of real estate professionals we know. They’re not afraid to put in the extra mile for our clients, and always think of your best interests. Meet the members of the team who help make St. Louis Real Estate Society successful.

Our Team

Riahna Kastner

Riahna Kastner Managing Broker, Co-Owner , Sales

Riahna Kastner is one of the Co-Owners of St. Louis Real Estate Society and also acts as the company's Managing Broker. She works closely with the agents and staff in our office to guide, train, and mentor them in all things real estate. When working with buyers and sellers, she specializes in working with clients who have a particular interest in multi-family investment properties, rehabbing and property redevelopment as an investor or as an owner-occupant, and with historic properties located in the City of St. Louis.

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Matt Kastner

Matt Kastner Managing Director, Co-Owner , Operations

Matt Kastner is one of the Co-Owners of St. Louis Real Estate Society and also acts as the company's Managing Director. Whether it's running the day to day operations of the company, creating new systems to help our staff work more efficiently, or analyzing the financials of a multi-million dollar transaction, Matt’s constant goal is to help grow wealth through real estate for both himself and for our clients.

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Andrew Meirink

Andrew Meirink Licensed MO Real Estate Agent , Property Management

As a Licensed MO Real Estate Agent, Andrew Meirink helps St. Louis Real Estate Society buy and sell both investment real estate and homes. 

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Jay Rios

Jay Rios Tenant & Leasing Manager , Property Management

As Tenant & Leasing Manager if you are a prospective or existing tenant of our Property Management Department, you will be dealing a lot with Kay Rios. Jay’s job encompasses everything from the initial inquiry to exchanging keys on the very day of move-in and everything in between. He consistently works to streamline the process of getting you approved for a space that fits your needs the best, whether that be an apartment we currently have available or a completely different townhouse of ours further down the road.

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Melissa Russell

Melissa Russell Assistant Property Manager , Property Management

As Assistant Property Manager, Melissa Russell has her hands in about every aspect of the Property Management Department. Working on everything to rent collections to assigning staff to maintenance requests, Melissa is a virtual Swiss Army Knife for all things property management.

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Kara Cummins

Kara Cummins Property Management Director , Property Management

As Property Management Director, Kara Cummins oversees the day-to-day functions of the Property Management Department.

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Our Departments

Property Management

Property Management Property Management Department , St. Louis Real Estate Society

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Sales Sales Department , St. Louis Real Estate Society

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