Co-Owner / Real Estate Broker

Matt Kastner


Matt Kastner is one of the co-owners of St. Louis Real Estate Society and is also an Investment Real Estate Consultant at the brokerage. He specializes in working with seasoned and new real estate investors in South St. Louis, with a particular emphasis on multi-families.

A city’s identity is in its buildings and its people. I love that I help to improve both in St. Louis by redeveloping buildings in our historic neighborhoods.


  • Bachelors of Arts, University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Twice featured on NPR’s Marketplace radio program
  • Licensed Missouri Broker (Realtor®) since 2005


Matt Kastner has an impressive amount of experience in real estate development, investment analysis, and construction. In the real estate industry since 2004, he has worn just about every hat there is in the business: everything from construction, to Realtor®, to landlord, to developer. His love of real estate and passion for his native St. Louis show in both his work and personal life. If you want to know what’s up and coming in our city’s neighborhood, Matt is your go-to-source. From both his home and his office in South St. Louis, he strives to renew the neighborhoods of St. Louis one building at a time.