Getting ahead of the snow

Seeing as it has been sleeting and snowing all day, I figured I’d make mention of the issue of icy sidewalks. Spreading ice melt prior to a storm or getting quickly around to shoveling snow at your properties is not always a realistic option. It’s usually a gray area on who’s responsibility such work is as well.

One way to appease your tenants in this situation is to have some salt or ice melt and a snow shovel on site. This might not be an option for all properties, but if you have caring, attentive tenants, supplying these items will often allow the situation to take care of itself. If you have salt in the basement that the tenants are aware of, they will generally sprinkle it on the sidewalks for their own sake. If you have a cheap snow shovel in the basement someone will often take up the mantle as well. Its a cheap way to help yourself and satisfy your tenants.


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