Clothing racks can solve closet shortage problem

When it comes to living in a historic property, there is a lot to like. But one thing that can be notoriously problematic, is the lack of closet space. Built in an era where amoires were commonplace and people simply did not own as many possessions, architects in the early 20th century didn’t often pay much attention to bedroom closet space. Short of a gut rehab or building a new closet in the existing sapce, the permanent options are limited. However, there is an easy workaround: clothing racks.

For less than $50 at places like Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can pick one of these up. Normally running anywhere from three to four feet in width, these racks can easily add storage space where there are no closets or expand the space when closets are small. Best of all, since many historic buildings have small bonus rooms, especially about stairs on the second floor, you can easily hide these “mobile closets” out of sight of your living areas. And since most racks are on wheels, you can easily move them out of the way when not in use.

This solution is especially helpful for apartment renters, as they are not likely to be allowed to add shelving or closets themselves. Budget-conscious landlords should also take notice, as providing a clothing rack or two can be an affordable way to satisfy your tenants storage needs. Either way, its a great solution for easily adding closet space in historic structures, or any building found wanting in the closet category.

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