Interior Tour of the Bevo Mill

Bevo Mill Interior Tour

The historic Bevo Mill in St. Louis, Missouri’s Bevo neighborhood back in the spotlight with its revival as Das Bevo (4749 Gravois Ave, St Louis, MO 63116). Originally opened in 1917 as a pit stop for the Busch family when traveling from the Anheuser-Busch (InBev) Brewery in Soulard and their then home at Grant’s Farm, this standout venue has had its share of ups and downs over the generations. While the new Biergarten and Bierhalls are very impressive and worth a visit, they are available to check out any time Das Bevo is open. Our Matt and Riahna Kastner were lucky enough to get a chance to tour the upper levels of the windmill itself, and being the real estate nerds they are, jumped at the chance.

The mill rises 4 stories above the main level, including 3 levels of sequentially smaller finished spaces and then the motor room for the mill itself on the unfinished 4th level. The finished levels within the mill are in various stages of repair, but with the main and basement level renovations complete, these unrenovated areas should be done soon. When completed, these levels are tentatively planned to be used as event spaces, but plans are not yet set. In the gallery below, you can get a peek at how things look now and of the old (original) motor that makes the mill spin.

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