Proper lighting is key to securing properties

Keeping your properties safe and secure is one of the most important responsibilities of a property owner. Failure to maintain proper security can lead to expensive vandalism and property theft or even leave occupants open to potential violence. One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways  to ensure proper security is to have proper security lighting.

All front and rear entrances at any property should have proper lighting. Whenever possible, use compact florescent bulbs since they will last longer.  The use of light timers to protect the home when tenants are not home can also be a major benefit. At any parking area and for other dark areas such as gangways, installing motion-sensor security lights is advisable as well.

The key is to make sure that there is no blind spots on your property for potential vandals to hide. Installing these fixtures if they are not already in place will obviously cost money, but the financial benefits are many.  The property will be more secure because any potential burglar or robber is going to think twice before camping out behind a property that is well lit.

Tenants will be happy because the proper lighting will allow them to feel comfortable when they or anyone else enters the premises. And happy tenants stay longer and complain less.

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