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Eighteen Investments in trouble?

Rumors have been circulating lately that real estate developer Eighteen Investments, and their real estate brokerage arm Bellington Realty, have hit hard times. They had been short selling a few buildings, including one I have reported on at 3155 Gustine, but nobody really seemed to know how deep the problem went. Until the St. Louis […] More»

Waterless urinal red tape

Wired Magazine had an interesting article last month about the bureaucratic nightmare of getting waterless urinals into buildings around the country. Seems like the debate comes down more to plumbers losing business and janitors not wanting to clean them than if they work properly. Its an interesting read for both the technology and the familiar […] More»

Vacant Property Registration

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but I thought I should share some info about a St. Louis City Bill (Board Bill 174) that could have a direct affect on City investors. This bill was introduced in July to the Board of Alderman by Alderwoman Triplett and Alderman Kennedy. Here is the summary of the bill […] More»

Fannie and Freddie dissolved?

I was doing a little more research on the new federal housing legislation after posting about it this afternoon and I ran across an interesting concept on the Cato Institute’s website: Get rid of Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Not something that had really crossed my mind, but the author makes some pretty good points. […] More»

Federal housing bailout

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you might be surprised to know that foreclosures are happening at a record pace in St. Louis and around the country. Obviously, this can make for some pretty great buys in the real estate market, but a lot of people and companies are hurting […] More»

Time to take out the trash

Time to take out the trash

This is a piece of trash. Intimidating isn’t it. Well don’t worry. If the St. Louis Board of Alderman has it’s way you won’t have to see this stuff anymore. According to an article recently published in the South Side Journal (Business owners want trash bill canned), Alderman Steve Conway, D-8th Ward, has sponsored a […] More»