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Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis' Patch Neighborhood

St. Louis Microbreweries: Perennial Artisan Ales

With St. Louis’ new love affair with microbreweries, it is nice to see the far south-side of the City is not being left out of the fun. Since September 2011, Perennial Artisan Ales has been brewing beer in the former Coca-Cola syrup plant at 8125 S Michigan in the Patch Neighborhood (near  Carondelet). The redeveloped industrial plant is now […] More»

St. Louis Microbreweries: Civil Life Brewing

Originally started in late-summer 2010, Civil Life Brewing Co. is now officially open for business after about a year of construction. Located in the South St. Louis neighborhood of Tower Grove South, the brewery is owned and operated by the former owner of 33 Wine Shop and Tasting Bar in Lafayette Square, Jake Hafner. The company is currently […] More»

The Georgian - City Hospital

Climbing wall, gym and two restaurants coming to the Georgian

While much of the construction at the Georgian (formerly City Hospital) has been complete for years, the project has been slowly growing since it began in the mid-2000’s. Nestled between the Lafayette Square and Soulard neighborhoods, the complex is very visible and has huge potential. Despite this, while most of the 104 condos at the site are now complete, (A number of  condos are […] More»

Escape from New York (St. Louis)

In 1981’s Escape from New York, felon Snake Plisskeen (played by Kurt Russell) traverses some pretty rough looking places in the post-apocalyptic New York setting. In this grim future  (1997 in the film), New York had become a maximum security prison and pretty much left to rot. When an airplane carrying the President of the United […] More»

Falstaff Brewery sitting idle at 1920 Shenandoah

Tucked away in the northeast corner of the Benton Park neighborhood of South St. Louis at 1920 Shenandoah, neglected and lonely, is the former Falstaff Brewery. It might not be as beautiful or well known as the Lemp Brewery 10 blocks to the south, but a piece of local history nonetheless. But while talk has continual gone […] More»

Nice travel showcase for St. Louis via New York Magazine

Nice piece in New York Magazine about planning a weekend trip to St. Louis. Great to see shout-outs to the bursting microbrewery scene with Urban Chestnut Brewery, Perennial Artisian Ales, the Stable and Civil Life Brewing getting mentions. Tower Grove Park, the Missouri Botanical Gardens and even Local Harvest get praise among many others. Always nice to see some […] More»

Gus’ Pretzels improvements

Nothing is quite as healthy as a meal consisting of bratzel (a bratwurst wrapped in a pretzel) and a bag of pretzel sticks. Or at least that is what I tell myself when I stop by Gus’ Pretzels twice a week. In business for about 90 years, Gus’ is a St. Louis establishment akin to […] More»

Parma Grill & Tap at 3000 S Jefferson

When news hit in early January that Parma Grill & Tap was going to be opening up shop at the former location of Mattingly Brewing Company at 3000 S Jefferson it was certainly a welcome bit of info. When Mattingly’s closed in the summer of 2010, things were looking a little down for the burgeoning commercial […] More»


Speed limit lowered around Tower Grove Park

Due to popular demand, the speed limit on both Arsenal and Magnolia along Tower Grove Park in St. Louis has been dropped from 30 mph to 25 mph. You might have noticed the new construction-orange speed limit signs that went up a few weeks back noting the change. Or then again, you might have missed […] More»


Local Harvest Grocery expands

One of the Morganford Business District’s anchor business, Local Harvest Grocery, has moved from their location at 3148 Morganford. But never fear, they only moved down the street to 3108 Morganford. The move took place last weekend via “bucket-brigade.” The new location is within sight of Arsenal, just behind A & M Bicycles. (more…) More»