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Rams Edward Jones Dome rendering

Rams proposal for Edward Jones Dome revealed

The Ram’s proposal for the Edward Jones Dome in Downtown St. Louis has finally been revealed to the public. It looks nice, but it also looks expensive. If this is what the team expects the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) to provide St. Louisians might want to start pondering what it will be […] More»

Where In The Lou?

Where can you “Fly High” in St. Louis?

Before you go for the easy answer here, we are not talking about the famous Arch grounds, aka our beloved Gateway to the West.  This week’s ‘Where In The Lou?’ finds us at a specific traditional summer event   With eyes up and jaws open, we annually marvel and the best view happens to be from the top of the aforementioned Arch. More»

SLU Law School to move to Downtown St. Louis

While St. Louis University continues to expand further north and south across the Midtown area of St. Louis, it seems that are also setting their sights on invading Downtown as well. Come August 2012, SLU Law School will be moving it’s 1,100 students, as well as associated faculty and staff, to 100 Tucker Boulevard. Donated […] More»

Escape from New York (St. Louis)

In 1981’s Escape from New York, felon Snake Plisskeen (played by Kurt Russell) traverses some pretty rough looking places in the post-apocalyptic New York setting. In this grim future  (1997 in the film), New York had become a maximum security prison and pretty much left to rot. When an airplane carrying the President of the United […] More»

Mercantile Exchange about to help St. Louis Centre be reborn

Other than possibly St. Louis Marketplace, there is really no other development project in St. Louis that reeks of failure more than St. Louis Centre. Doomed from the start, this urban mall faltered almost immediately after it opened. Who knew that nobody wanted a suburban mall shopping experience in the shadow of the Arch? Failure though it was, developer Spinnaker  is about […] More»

$22 million Chouteau Crossing development progresses

Construction of the $22 million Chouteau Crossing project at the NE corner of Chouteau and South Jefferson is finally showing some real progress.  The long-neglected warehouse, located on the southern border of Downtown, just north of Lafayette Square at 2301 Chouteau, went under construction April 1010 . Clayton-based Green Street Properties LLC is handling the project, […] More»

Connecting ONSL to the Riverfront

With construction of the new Mississippi River River Bridge along Interstate 70 progressing every day (2014 completion), increased attention is finally being paid to the northern side of Downtown St. Louis, as well as near-north neighborhoods such as Old North St. Louis (ONSL) and Hyde Park. Unfortunately, over the years, these areas have not only been cut off from easy access […] More»


Pyramid’s John Steffen facing fraud charges… again

John Steffen, former head of now-defunct Pyramid Construction, is again facing federal fraud charges for allegedly mishandling of Missouri Historic Tax Credits. Specifically, the charges say the funds in the amount of $827,000, were defrauded from the Business Bank.  The one-time Downtown St. Louis developer escaped unscathed from similar charges in late 2010, but prosecutors are bringing the issue back […] More»


Ballpark Village to be Stifel headquarters?

No other active real estate development project in the St. Louis area has received as much attention as Ballpark Village. The planned $800 million project is the product of the St. Louis Cardinals and Baltimore-based Cordish Company, but has faced hurdle after hurdle. “On again, off again” since the completion of Busch Stadium III, the developers say […] More»


Mississippi River Bridge breaking ground

After years of waiting, the formal groundbreaking is now set for the new Mississippi River Bridge in downtown St. Louis. Meant to create a direct route from Missouri to Illinois along Interstate-70, this $670 million project will be breaking ground Friday, February 26th at 12:30pm. Come 2014, this project could really bring some major changes […] More»


Chouteau Greenway back in the news

It seems like the “powers that be” in Jefferson City are at least playing lip-service  in the effort to help revitalize St. Louis City. With their help the long discussed, sometimes pipe-dream of a project, known as the Chouteau Greenway (or Chouteau Lake District), might just be back on the table. (more…) More»