St. Dominic Priory complete in the Gate District

The renovation of the former Loretto Academy at 3407 Lafayette Avenue in the St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood of The Gate District is finally wrapping up. Formally used as a school among many other uses, the building has been converted to housing for the local Dominican Friars, who have not have a local home of their own since 1981. The new facilities are called the St. Dominic Priory.

Most recently operated by Intercommunity Housing, the building was boarded up in early 2010 after that organization vacated the building. Now owned by the Dominican Friars, the building’s occupants include friars studying for the priesthood, priests, and brothers (friars not studying to be priests).  For more info, check out the St. Dominic Priory Building website. A great addition along Lafayette, which along with the townhomes at 3201 Lafayette, are really helping to improve the borders the Gate District. You can also see pics of the finished project as well as construction progress in the gallery below.

3 thoughts on “St. Dominic Priory complete in the Gate District”

  • Jennifer

    That is great! What a great use for an unused building.

  • Bro. Thomas, OP

    Correction: the building does not belong to Aquinas Institute of Theology, nor did Aquinas announce its purchase. Aquinas Institute and the Dominican Friars are two separate entities. 3407 Lafayette was purchased by the Dominican Friars, not Aquinas, which is a school run by the friars. The building will house friars (priests and brothers), some of whom are studying for the priesthood, but many who are already priests, and some friars who are not studying for the priesthood (brothers).

    • Matt Kastner

      Thank you Brother Thomas. I revised the article to reflect your corrections.

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