St. Louis Landmarks: Clark Bridge in Alton

On the northern border of the St. Louis Metro Area, spanning the Mississippi River between West Alton, Missouri and Alton, Illinois, is the iconic Clark Bridge. It is a cable-stayed bridge, opened in 1994 (replacing an old truss bridge of the same name). The 4-lane bridge carries Route 67 over the Mississippi and is the farthest northern bridge spanning the river in the area. Costing $85 million when constructed, particular attention was paid to creating a bridge that was not only functional, but beautiful. And it shows.

On the Missouri side of the river, West Alton is home to scenic wetlands and the historic Confluence Point State Park at the intersection of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. In Alton, Illinois you’ll find attractions such as the beautiful Great River Road running along the Mississippi, the monument to Robert “The Alton Giant” Wadlow, and Fast Eddie’s Bon Air. A viewing of the landmark Clark Bridge and the surrounding areas makes for a great day-trip for anyone wanting to explore the St. Louis area.

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