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Where can you find mixed media & mixed drinks?

Where can you find mixed media & mixed drinks?

This longstanding, fantastical city spot shares its name with a famous city built on water and is famous for its ‘oceans’ of mosaic art. A walk through this joint always reveals some new feast for the eye, and its patio rates high on any summer lover’s bar list. If only artifacts and mosaic art could […]

Where can you hear more than just church music?

Where can you hear more than just church music?

Wander into this church on a Sunday morning and they just may ask you to come back for the matinee or on a Friday or Saturday night. With a stage literally built for worship, this one of a kind theatre graces one of our city’s many interesting south side neighborhoods. From concerts to family musicals, […]

Two new developments on 2500 block of S Jefferson

Looks like a busy week for the 2500 block of South Jefferson.  Word is going around about two new commercial ventures on the block known for housing Trader Bob’s Tattoo Shop and The Way Out Club, among others. These developments are at 2501 and 2533 S Jefferson, which happen to be at the north and […]

South Grand bollard art

With the success of the 3-lane configuration test on South Grand, the powers that be decided to leave the bollards and concrete dividers creating the effect in place. The idea was that it would help people get used to the new layout, which is looming. The only problem is that those chunks of concrete are […]

Urban decay photography

Even in the midst of neglect beauty can often be found. Buildings caving on themselves from lack of repair are not what most would consider aesthetically pleasing, but even in these wrecks a trained eye can see things worth noting. For instance, take a look at these pictures.

Is Obama going MAD?

File this one under a non-real estate related bit of nonsense. Driving down Cherokee Street in Benton Park West this afternoon, I noticed a mural, which I have never seen before: This picture of Barrack Obama.

The Light Project

I was out in the Central West End last night for a friend’s birthday and decided to take the back route home instead of taking the interstate. I guess that was a good decision. I never expected my little detour down Washington Boulevard to take me across this awesome sight.