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Landlord vs. Slumlord: What’s the difference?

Landlord vs. Slumlord: What’s the difference?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a landlord is “the owner of property that is leased or rented to another.” As any longtime rental property owner can testify, being a landlord isn’t always a popular job. Tenants and neighborhood residents alike, often treat them with disdain. However, not all landlords are created equal. Whether local resident or cross-country […]

New EPA lead regulations burden to rehabbers

If you are a contractor, rehabber or landlord of a property that was built before 1978, your job got a lot more expensive on April 22, 2010. That is when the new Environment Protection Agency (EPA) lead paint rules went into affect. Under these new rules any contractor doing work such as cutting, sanding or […]