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Making your apartment showings matter

You’ve been trying to lease that apartment for weeks and you finally have an appointment for a showing. The prospective tenant shows up and says how much they love the apartment. Flash forward a few weeks later and the apartment still hasn’t been rented and you are still losing money. What went wrong? Was the unit not right […]

Following Fair Housing rules to avoid lawsuit

It is amazing what some landlords say to perspective renters. Lines like “I don’t rent to single mothers?” or “How many kids do you have?” seem to come out of far too many people’s mouthes. For those who use that kind of language, you’re playing with fire. According to Federal Fair Housing Laws, as well […]

Raising your tenant’s rent

When it comes to managing apartments, keeping your rents at market rates is key to maximizing your profit potential. But even the most disciplined landlord will occasionally find they are selling themselves short on their rents. Whether this is because a specific tenant has occupied a given apartment for a long time, or expenses have risen, you might encounter the […]

Stopping mail delivery at vacant apartments

When a landlord is faced with a vacancy, the first thing on their mind is generally filling the apartment as quickly as possible. Cleaning the unit, making improvements, getting an occupancy permit and finding a new tenant can all be pretty time consuming. So when a visit to a newly vacated apartment reveals a stack of the […]