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Clothing racks can solve closet shortage problem

When it comes to living in a historic property, there is a lot to like. But one thing that can be notoriously problematic, is the lack of closet space. Built in an era where amoires were commonplace and people simply did not own as many possessions, architects in the early 20th century didn’t often pay much attention […]

Making your apartment showings matter

You’ve been trying to lease that apartment for weeks and you finally have an appointment for a showing. The prospective tenant shows up and says how much they love the apartment. Flash forward a few weeks later and the apartment still hasn’t been rented and you are still losing money. What went wrong? Was the unit not right […]

Friendly alternatives to evicting bad tenants

One of the most dreaded events in the life of a landlord is when you have to give a tenant the boot.  Whether it’s because they don’t pay rent on time, tear up their unit, or cause some other nuisance, bad tenants can turn a profitable rental property into a property management nightmare. Eviction and Cash […]

“Cash for Keys” as an eviction alternative

Getting unwanted tenants out of your apartment units can be one of the most frustrating experiences a landlord can go through. Whether they need to leave in order to rehab the unit or you want them out because they aren’t paying their rent, its not a fun experience. You just want them out as soon […]

Apartment Pet Policy

Apartment Pet Policy

So you’re a landlord who has decided to allow pets into your apartment. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should simply allow any pet to stay at your property. To ensure the safety of tenants, other pets in the building and your property, you should always run a background check on a pet, just like you […]

Landlord vs. Slumlord: What’s the difference?

Landlord vs. Slumlord: What’s the difference?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a landlord is “the owner of property that is leased or rented to another.” As any longtime rental property owner can testify, being a landlord isn’t always a popular job. Tenants and neighborhood residents alike, often treat them with disdain. However, not all landlords are created equal. Whether local resident or cross-country […]

Raising your tenant’s rent

When it comes to managing apartments, keeping your rents at market rates is key to maximizing your profit potential. But even the most disciplined landlord will occasionally find they are selling themselves short on their rents. Whether this is because a specific tenant has occupied a given apartment for a long time, or expenses have risen, you might encounter the […]

Washer and dryer for apartments

When leasing apartments, there are some features which have become standard over the years, which were once luxuries. Refrigerators and central air come to mind as good examples. Where once only the best apartments provided these for tenant-use, now only lower-tier units fail to. One feature that seems to be graduating from the “upper-end feature” […]

Security deposits are not rent

Although laws regarding them are quite clear, a lot of landlords seem to forget that security deposits are to protect against property damage. Upon the termination of a lease, if a tenant returns the property in the same condition as when they moved it, the deposit has to be returned to them. Deposits are not rent and cannot be kept without […]

Maximizing the rent potential of shotgun units

Shotgun-style units are a dime a dozen in South St. Louis. I don’t understand how anyone ever thought they were functional, regardless of the era they were built. Perhaps we can point to the invention of air conditioning and the fact that we take privacy for granted these days, for the changes in layouts. Regardless […]

Higher rents equal higher values for real estate

Since the market began to slip in the mid-2000’s, it has become harder and harder to get favorable appraisals. Especially on investment oriented properties, such as multi-families and rental homes, with so much of the local market dominated by foreclosures and cash investors.  When there are no comparables to be found, most appraisers are going […]

Owner Occupant Investors: Multi-family opportunities

When it comes time to purchase a home, most homebuyers fail to consider the path of purchasing a multi-family. Whether this is due to the belief  that they can’t afford it, that they can’t compete with seasoned investors, or something else altogether, most people don’t give the matter much thought. By doing so, they are […]

Managing tenants when not renewing leases

One of the most awkward situations a landlord can face is informing a tenant that they will not be renewing their lease. Whether the tenant has been in the apartment for one year or ten, it can be a delicate matter. Proper management of the situation will help to avoid lack of final rental payment […]

Effectively managing your apartments

An often overlooked side of owning investment property, is how to manage the property in the most efficient way. Simply throwing in any tenant and letting the property sit idle could eventually lead to major troubles. Although, some things take time to employ, in the long run they can make your life a lot easier. […]