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Leasing apartments to family members

Filling vacancies in your apartment units quickly can be the difference between success and failure with real estate investments. Looking for tenants anywhere you can find them increases your odds of success, but never forget that not all situations are equal. One area to be especially careful of is when working with renting to family […]

Vacant property security

Last night at 2am I got a surprising wake-up call: the alarm was going off at my rehab project in Tower Grove South. The police were already there and requesting a key-holder to come over. Upon arriving on the scene I witnessed the sobering site of a backdoor kicked in.

Fannie Mae against investors

Dealing primarily with the foreclosure market in the past two years, lately I have been involved in many Fannie Mae transactions as both a buyer’s agent and a buyer. Unfortunately, although they are often some of the best deals on the market, that fact might be changing. If you are a real estate investor, Fannie […]

Avoid bamboo planting

One person’s flower is another’s weed. There is no plant more perfectly matched for this scenario than bamboo. Attractive when used properly, and growing in popularity with the Green movement and the increased use of bamboo flooring, this plant will grow out of control if left unchecked.

Functionally usable designs

Adding a second bathroom or garage to a house can really add to the value of the property. In general, anything that adds to the functionality and convenience of the property will have a positive affect on the value for sale or for rent. Of course, there are times when these investments don’t work out […]

Winterizing properties

Whether you own rental properties, own a home or just rent an apartment, you need to prepare for the increasing colder temperatures coming this winter. If the property will be vacant for an extended periods of time you should be especially careful. Water left in pipes that hit the freezing point could cause the pipe […]

Sewer lateral lining

Nothing is worse than an inspection gone afoul. Much less a sewer inspection since replacement costs are so high. But that’s just what I faced last month during the inspection of my recently closed rehab in Tower Grove South. Turns out there were some issues with the sewer lateral we didn’t know about and the […]

Sewer scoping inspection for property purchases

Sewer scoping inspection for property purchases

Whether you utilize a professional inspector when buying properties or simply rely on your own walkthrough, you can’t possibly know everything about the building at first glance. Unless you are from the Planet Krypton, you can’t discern the condition of the sewer lateral without taking additional steps.

No more copper!

I saw this painted on the front of a building on the 37XX block of Pennsylvania this morning and thought it really summed up the current copper theft situation. On one hand the message is funny, while on the other its just sad. I’m never one to advocate for the government to get involved in […]

Single family investment properties

In March, I posted a story about duplexes suddenly becoming a viable, cash flowing, option for prospective investment real estate buyers. Four months later, I’m here to highlight the topic again. But this time, I’m not talking about two families. They are still an increasingly attractive buy, but the real surprise in the past few […]