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Asbestos inspections in St. Louis City

There is no denying that Mesothelioma and the asbestos that causes it are serious problems. Especially in areas such as St. Louis where an abundance of historic buildings are still filled with the stuff. When faced with friable (reduced to smaller pieces with little effort) asbestos insulation, siding and flooring materials, most property owners and […] More»


UMSL’s Landlord Training Program

If you’re new to landlording or could use a refresher, the University of Missouri St. Louis will be holding a 6-hour Landlord Training class this March. Here is the basics on the course: The University of Missouri–St. Louis Division of Continuing Education and its Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Education announces the Landlord Training Program, […] More»


Doug Hartmann sentenced

The poster-boy for real estate fraud in St. Louis has finally been sentenced. Doug Hartmann, of DHP fame, was found guilty in April of siphoning off $35 million from real estate investors over the years. You’d think this guy would get put away for a long time. Instead, he got two years in federal prison. […] More»

Habitat Restore

Whether you’re looking for a hard to find used item or are just on a budget, there is a great option out there you may not know about. Habitat For Humanity operates a building material supply store at 3763 Forest Park Avenue, which is a great source. They have a suprising selection of merchandise, which […] More»