3201 Lafayette townhomes in the Gate District

The renovation of the pair of mixed-use properties running from 3201 to 3211 Lafayette Avenue, located along the edge of St. Louis’  Gate District Neighborhood, is finally entering the final phase. Another former DHP Investments property finally getting a long-awaited rehab, Metamorphi Development has completed work on two of the five townhomes at this 17,492 square foot complex on northwest corner of Lafayette and Compton. Best of all, of the five townhomes, four are either already sold or are under contract. The only one left is the unit at 3207 Lafayette, which is listed for $249,000 (see actual MLS listing here).

Each townhome is roughly 2,500 square feet and priced around $250,000. These 3 bed, 2.5 bath homes all have contemporary, higher end finishes. The finished product really is top notch and is hopefully the start of a trend in this section of the neighborhood. With this project and the ongoing renovation of the former Loretto Academy happening down the block, this stretch of Lafayette is really coming around. Check out the latest pics below:

3 thoughts on “3201 Lafayette townhomes in the Gate District”

  • MH for Movoto

    great photos – you can tell the place has character and it’s gonna look good.

  • Pat Ertmann

    I really hope that the developers create some street level retail. I walk by this place everyday and see those guys working on it and pray that it turns out to be a catalyst for that neighborhood. There is a lot of potential on that corner and the defunct Garavallia’s Market Lafayette.

    On a side note:

    The market on the Southeast corner of that intersection is terribly foreboding. Does anyone know if it is owner operated? The building was rehabbed over the course of several years and then put up for sale. Finally purchased, they put a scary market in the retail space. Worst of all, they make it look like an ice cream shop with all of the signs in the window, but when you go inside you feel like you just materialized in a 3rd World country. And, NO TRASH CAN OUTSIDE THE BUILDING! Not good neighbors.

  • Ryan T.

    Would love to know the tile that is used for the bathroom floors.
    Where would something like that be sold? Through a special dealer?

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