The Scrap Heap: 2350 South Grand

If you drive down South Grand in South St. Louis, you might have noticed the idle property at the northeast corner of Grand and Sidney. This property at 2350 South Grand is in the Tower Grove East neighborhood, just across the street from Shaw. While there is nothing remarkable about this building, the thing that is remarkable is that it has sat vacant and idle while everything else around it has been redeveloped. In fact, other than Pelican Place, you’d be hard pressed to find another property along Grand between Arsenal and Interstate-44 that is in worse shape.

Sitting across the street from an Alps Supermarket, Beauvais Manor On the Park, and Tower Grove Park, according to tax records, the property last sold for $173,000 in August 2008. There has no permit or construction activity on the property in the time since then. Considering the site’s former use as a gas station there are likely environmental concerns, but hopefully the owners will eventually find a work to make something of the site.

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  • Dan Morgan

    The veterinarian that owns St Louis Veterinary Center at 1611 S Grand Blvd owns this property. Previously he operated the Pet Clinic next door to Hong Kong Express, across the street from the Pelican immediately north of Shenandoah on Grand.

    Initially he planned to construct a building at Grand and Sidney for his veterinary practice, but was unable to work out a building plan with St. Louis City. Subsequently he bought the bank building at 1611 S Grand, and moved his practice there.

    The property is not currently advertised for sale, but he plans to sell it “pretty soon…”

    • Amber Kutz

      We are very interested in your property. Me and my Fiance own a new and used tire shop in Granite City IL. We are looking to open another shop in the St. Louis area. If there is any way posible we can get some more information on the property it would be most appreciated.


      Amber Kutz

  • Brian Sullivan

    There is a zoning hearing at City Hall on August 27 regarding the placement of a fast food restaurant with a drive through window on this site.

    • Matt Kastner

      Yes, I heard about that. Neighborhood seemed against a drive through until they found out it is a Starbucks. The Tower Grove East neighborhood formally gave their support for the plan last week though. Now it is up to zoning. Sounds like it is going to probably happen.

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