Gut rehab of Southampton apartment complex at 4920 Chippewa

If you frequent Chippewa near it’s intersection with Kingshighway, you have most likely noticed the glut of large apartment buildings on the western side of the intersection. While these buildings could be turned into an asset for the area, the general lack of upkeep at most of the buildings tends to create more problems than it solves. That’s what makes the gut renovation of the 12-family at 4920 Chippewa in the Southampton neighborhoood of South St. Louis so noteworthy.

Totaling 7,200 square feet, One Vision Homes Inc. bought the property for $85,000 in July 2011. Demolition started soon thereafter with nothing but bricks and studs left of the original building. The rear garages seem like they will survive construction though. The property’s 12 units are actually spread out over two 6-family buildings and backs up the the historic and infamous Avalon Movie Theater along the alley. No word yet on the makeup of the finished product, but whatever it is will be an improvement for this busy corridor. Should be interesting to see what comes of the finished product.


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